Landscape Architecture

The design of the outdoor areas we inhabit in our daily lives are not always given the levels of importance that they should be. By making use of consultants who specialize in this domain, who understand the ecology and sociology of modern day India, you would be able to create remarkably different aspects within the lives of those who frequent these masterfully restructured natural spaces.
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Landscape architects play a variety of roles, ranging from designer to land-use mediator to conservationist.As landscape architects we don’t always need to make design statements; some of our best work is invisible. The profession is about delivering creative and sustainable solutions to real problems.”

We emphasize on the ‘go green’ initiative and thus develop ideas that are economical and conserve and protect our natural environment. Our landscape designers help steer sustainable outcomes on projects of any scale. We as consultants provide our clients site reviews, personalized ecological research, technical drawings, 3D renderings etc based on project demand.

Our consultancy:
  • Site surveys, appraisals and analysis
  • Detail Landscape design
  • Landscape masterplanning and feasibility studies opportunities and constraints mapping
  • Environmental co-ordination
  • Landscape strategies
  • Landscape character assessment
  • Landscape and visual impact assessment
  • Management plans and habitat creation
  • Fertilization programs

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