A great garden design is one which does not only look natural but its aesthetics, choice of plants and its functionality leads to a sense of a habitat in which people are made to feel natural.
Our Consultancy:

While we analyze the yields and financial returns of existing commercial horticultural operations; we simultaneously also prepare for new or modified operational strategies and business plans. Our experts will evaluate the soil conditions, crop quality and yields in order to improve the overall horticultural structure of a specific site. We further investigate any technical problems and formulate solutions, planning and organizing trials to assess their effectiveness. We also conduct environmental assessments while taking into consideration the environmental impact of any development. Furthermore we design layouts and planning for planting programs for ornamental gardens or tree planting programs.

Clients may include:
  • Farmers
  • Commercial growers specializing in protected growing and field crops, or flowers;
  • Plant and tree nurseries; and
  • Leisure and conservation organizations or public bodies involved in the restoration, operation and maintenance of parks, botanical and public gardens and other public spaces.

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