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At Kruger Consulting we strive to continually research and develop innovative ideas to enhance the performance of already existing technologies or initiate fresh new ideas by developing products aided to improve processes or mechanisms, related to landscaping, agriculture, construction and horticulture.

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Vertical Gardens

As an ornamental object, a vertical garden does not only enhance the beauty and aesthetics of a place, but also minimizes maintainence and cleans outside air of pollutants and dust and offsets carbon footprint of people and fuel emissions.

  • Cleans interior air space by removing VOCs and other harmful toxins like benzene and formaldehyde
  • Acts as a sound proofing barrier
  • Reduction of heat island effect –by deflecting, dispersing and absorbing the sun’s rays green walls lower ambient outside air temperatures
  • Soil and plants are a natural filter that can clean the water that flows through the wall
  • Insulates and cools building envelope, as well as protecting it from the elements
  • Creates habitat for birds and insects, increasing biodiversity
  • Can be used for growing food in urban settings
  • Increases real estate value
  • Less inputs, hydroponic vertical gardens can use minimal water and nutrient input than other systems
Kruger Micro Hydroponics systems:

These systems were engineered using commercial equipment but built specifically for the hobbyist. They are miniature versions of commercial systems allowing you to grow lettuce, herbs and multiple vegetables and fruit, hydroponically at home or office- even indoors with our LED systems. They are cost effective means of procuring food cheaply as well as bestowing upon the grower a great sense of achievement. Kruger consulting in collaboration with Peter Doyle Consultancy in Australia has co-developed these systems to suit a wide range of budgets, environments and personal requirements.


Systems available:

  • Lettuce and Herb Systems – NFT Sunlight
  • Vine Crops Systems- NFT Sunlight
  • LED Powered Indoor Grow Systems
  • Micro Fodder Systems

All equipment purchased is completely assembled, ready to be used, with all accessories.

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