About Us

Our organisation is comprised of industry specialists from different, yet interrelated fields, that uniformly share the same umbrella of ethics, standards and vision.

Our projects benefit from the diverse arrays of skillsets and experience found within Kruger Consulting Private Limited, as it is our goal to deliver sound consultation services in a simple, straight-forward manner.

Our consulataion includes the following aspects:

  • Concept creation
  • Problem solving
  • Design and planning
  • Turn-key solutions
  • On-site liaison
  • Development structuring and management

Our Vision & Principle

Our objective is to deliver internationally integrated services coalesced into a central node caterign to various demands. Steered by creative innovations we are always driven to provide inspirational and useful ideas, practices and technologies.We beleive that our global network is crucial to the realisation of sustainable, innovative and diverse horizons.

Our Team

Thean Leonard Kruger
(Director - L.Arch)
ZASouth Africa

Mr. Kruger is a multi-skilled HNI (highly networked individual) from Cape Town, South Africa. He has 8 years of experience in landscape architecture and manages most of our major divisions here at Kruger Consulting Pvt Ltd.

Ms. Niharika Chopra
(Director - MSc. Retail)

Niharika Chopra administers retail consultation and also oversees all manner of administrative, legal and financial concerns within the company. She is a graduate from The University of Manchester,UK with an Msc in International Fashion Retailing. She is an entrepreneur who has been operating a retail business in India. She has been nominated for ‘Rashtriya Udyog Ratna Award’ in 2013, a prestigious national award for excellence in her field of business.

Our Associates

Mr. Pramod Alagani
Head South India

Mr. Promad Alagani holds a bachelors degree in Interior and Architecture from Interior Designing, Hamstech with over a decade of hands on experience both in Indian and abroad in the field of construction. Mr. Alagani is our business associate overseeing construction and quality control in south India.

Mrs. Maureen Fitzpatrick
Concept Creation

Mrs. Fitzpatrick has been a university-level art teacher for over 40 years, has illustrated many books and still works with museums across Northern Ireland. She assists in concept creation throughout all the fields we work in.

Mr. Graeme Smith

Graeme has been in the industry for 25 years and has delivered over 40 Australian greenhouse projects (climate assessment, financial ROI studies, design, development and project management) he delivers professional CEH training at Certificate II (entry) to V (diploma) level. He travels the world regularly to keep abreast of current and emerging solutions. Being as Chairman of ‘Protected Cropping Australia’ for 13 years, the national peak industry body representing commercial greenhouse and hydroponics and the only Certified Practicing Agriculturist (CPAg) in the protected cropping industry with the Australian Institute of Agricultural Science and Technology.

Mr. Brian Ellis

Brian has 15 years hands on experience as a commercial leafy greens hydroponic grower, commercial seedling grower, fresh-cut salad producer, product development, on-farm innovation and some years previously as a commercial grower of vine crops. He carries 10 years as hydroponic consultant including farm design, nursery design, all day to day operations amd nutritional consultant. He was positioned as director for 2 Years on the board of Protected Cropping Australia and long term commitment to the advancement of our industry. He travels regularly as a consultant, industry representative and for advancement of knowledge and carries extensive experience in site preparation, including earthworks, transport and logistics.

Ms.Heena Handa
Interior Design

Ms.Handa has over 20 years experience in Interior Design, is the only trusted importer we have for Italian furniture and is our main networking specialist in India. 

Mr. Peter Doyle

Mr. Doyle, with over 20 hyears experience in the field, is considered by many to be the most reliable authority in hydroponics world-wide. Kruger Consultants Pvt. Ltd has ascertained exclusive consultancy rights for Mr. Doyle's services in Africa and South Asia.

Mr. Lambert Kroeger
Water Location Technologies and Research

Mr. Kroeger is a scientist and researcher whohas been working around the world for close to 20 years. He has developed technology to find sub-terrain water supplies by augmenting the technologies used by oil companies. 

Mr. Ashok "Kaka" Chopra

Mr. Chopra is both an Ex-Olympian and the owner of New Delhi's oldest restaurant chain, namely Kake Da Hotel, which has been around for well over 80 years. His integrity and knowledge is unsurpassed in his field, making him our key hospitality consultant.

Mr. Kevin Bowers
Civil Engineering
ZASouth Africa

Mr. Bowers was the MD of Corobrick South Africa. His work involves many of the suspension bridges and tidal pools within South Africa.

Mr. Amardeep Singh
Commercial Architecture

Mr.Singh has over 35 years experience in commercial and institutional architecture in India and parts of the African continent.

Dr. S. M. Pawar

Dr.Pawar - Msc. (Agri) Ph.D - although specialising in sugar cane, is our foremost consultant in conventional agriculture. He runs his own research center in Maharashtra, India.

Mr.Pawan Chadha
(Chartered Accountant / Localised Financial Advice)

Mr.Chadha, beyond being our company's CA - with well over 40 years experience - consults for us in the fileds of chartered accountancy and finance in India.

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